1. Dorm Rooms 

-Female only Dorm —————–2,500 yen /person 
-Mix Dorm ———————— 2,500 yen /person

2. Private Rooms (Japanese style, NO bathroom in the room)
We recommend the Japanese style room for groups of family and friends!! 

Room A (Japanese style room) 
Private Room A Plan

3,500 yen /person (for 2 people, total 7,000 yen)
3,000 yen /person (for 3 people, total 9,000 yen)

Room B (Japanese style room) 
 Room B1 Plan

You have the beautiful garden view from this room!!
4,000 yen /person (for 2 people, total 8,000 yen)
3,500 yen /person (for 3 people, total 10,500 yen)
3,000 yen /person (for 4 people, total 12,000 yen)

*Please ask for the price for more than 5 people.

Payment in full is required on your arrival. CASH ONLY. 
The above rates are applicable only for reservations directly made with us by phone/email.
-Air conditioning (each room)
-Free internet (lobby), Free Wi-Fi (all rooms)
-Shared 2 Shower Rooms (4pm-9:30am) 
-Shampoo/Body soap in the shower rooms
-Hair dryer
-Hot water/fridge/microwave/toaster oven 

- Normal bike      500yen/day
- Bicycle with gear 700yen/day
- Sport bike     1,000yen/day
- Bath towel     100yen/stay

We serve you green tea when you arrive here! (free)