Naramachi Guesthouse is a House Rental with 3 bed rooms and a kitchen, two shower rooms.

10畳和室(1階/2階)(Japanese style room 20㎡, 1F/2F, for 1-4 people)

naramachiguesthouse_room10-2  naramachiguesthouse_room10-3


8畳和室(2階)(Japanese style room 16㎡, 2F, for 1-3 people)

naramachiguesthouse_room8-1 naramachiguesthouse_room8-3


7.5畳レトロな和室(2階)(Japanese style room 15㎡, 2F, for 1-2 people)

  naramachiguesthouse_room7-1 naramachiguesthouse_room7-2


3名様以内  36000円
4名様      40000円
5名様      48000円
6名様      56000円
7名様      63000円
8名様      70000円
9名様      73000円 (すべて税込み価格)

10名様以上 お1人様あたり 3000円ずつ追加


    1 to 3 people  36000 yen
   4 people  40000 yen
    5 people  48000 yen
    6 people  56000 yen
   7 people  63000 yen
    8 people  70000 yen
    9 people  73000 yen(Including tax)

   More than 10 people 3000yen for each additional person

・Check-in:From 4PM to 10PM

  Please let us know the arrival time and luggage drop


  We keep your luggage after check-out for free. Please let us know in advance.

・Please complete the payment in cash when you check-in.

・Cancellation policy

     The day before: 50% of the room rate

     The day of / no show: 100% of room rate




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